Rules & Regulations

  1. Everyone must “check in” with the front desk staff upon entering the facility.
  2. All climbers and belayers must be authorized by a Boulderdash staff person with a signed copy of the Boulderdash waiver on file.
  3. Always climb directly below belay bars (No swinging).
  4. Ground anchors are recommended.
  5. Never walk between a climber on the wall and their belayer.
  6. All packs and personal possessions must remain outside the landing surface areas at all times.
  7. Food and drink must remain outside the landing surface areas at all times.
  8. Youth (15 and under) must be directly supervised by an adult at all times unless they are registered in a class.
  9. Lockers (no locks) are available for your convenience. (Boulderdash is not responsible for lost or stolen items)
  10. Minimum age to boulder is 6.

Boulderdash’s foremost priority is to mitigate the dangers inherent to rock climbing while having a great time exploring the vertical world.

Minimum # of climbers is 5.

All participants must have our waiver completely filled out. If participant in under the age of 18, only their parent may fill out the youth waiver on their behalf. No exceptions please. Our waiver is online!

Cost: $25 per climber. Equipment: Climbers are provided with a harness and should wear sneakers. We have climbing shoes available to rent. Spectators are welcome at no additional charge! Please call us to book your party and we will send an e-mail confimation. Please call us to make reservations @ (818) 700-1300. We will then send you out an e-mail confirmation!