Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited access to Thousand Oaks, Ventura and San Fernando Valley locations
  • No commitment required – be a member for 1 month or for life
  • Free “Up Rope” belay class for all members 13 or older
  • 10% off all pro shop purchases including special orders
  • Fast check-in with a no-hassle credit card payment
  • Free yoga classes. Check your local gym for details.
  • Each membership receives one guest pass per month (Guest must be first time visitors, member must be present during use and passes are not accruable)
  • Annual prepaid option including 2 free months of membership and Zero enrollment fees

Freeze a Membership

You can freeze or suspend your membership and put it on hold for only $10/month (per person) in case you wont be able to use if for a while. This way, you will not be required to pay an initiation fee when you get back. Your membership can remain suspended until you request it re-activated! Freezes start on the first of the month and when you return we can pro-rate the rest of the current month. Download the form, fill it out and email to us by the 27th of the month and you’ll be frozen! If received after the 27th, the freeze will go into effect the following month. Annual memberships cannot be frozen. Updating address or credit card info can be done over the phone, in person or via email.

Cancel a Membership

It happens. Sometimes things come up and you have to leave us. Just fill out our “Membership Termination Form” by the 27th of the month and email, scan or fax back to us. Please download our termination form. Cancellations must be done in writing as we cannot terminate memberships over the phone. Requests made after the 27th will take effect the following month.

Update Address or Credit Card

Did you move recently or get a new credit card/expiration date? Let us know and we’ll update your account.